Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Here Is How To Find The Best Buyer For Your Residence

If you are wondering how to sell your house, you're not alone. Look up and down nearly every street in nearly every town in the U.S. and you'll see houses for sale. The market is full of houses, and apparently there will be more coming on the market this year due to foreclosures.

So, what is a seller to do? Well, I've been a buyer and seller of single family homes for many years as a real estate investor, so I've accumulated plenty of experience on the subject of how to sell your house. In this article I hope to share some of my experience with you so that it will assist you in selling your house now.

The most important point I'd like to share is that you cannot expect a real estate agent or anyone else to know or care as much about selling your house as you do. You are the expert on the subject of your house, so you should be the one who writes up some descriptions and posts them on craigslist and ebay classifieds. Your agent is in charge of how to sell a house on the local multiple listing service, but you can take care of other forums online.

Posting your own house online is really my number one suggestion for all homeowners interested in selling a house now. Buyers are looking online, even if they are also working with an agent, so they will see your house and they will definitely email you or call you if they are interested in seeing it. Make yourself available to chat with them in emails, texts, or on the phone. You might be surprised to discover how many people will contact you through text messages, so be prepared for that. Besides answering their questions about the house, ask them some questions as well. That is how you will work your way through interested buyers to interested and qualified buyers.

Once you identify your best buyer, the one who is interested and qualified and ready to make an offer, that's the time to give your real estate agent a call so that you can get everything in writing. There may be other details besides the purchase agreement itself, and you will be glad to have somebody who knows what needs to happen next. Many states require a seller's disclosure form as part of the agreement, so that is something you have to take care of in advance, prior to a sale if possible. Once you find the buyer, your agent will show you everything you need to know about how to sell a house and complete the transaction.